A new sanitization solution for hospitals and clinicians

Safe, efficient, and affordable sanitization for clinician stethoscopes - without sacrificing time or quality

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Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) Irradiation
a better, proven method of device sanitization

Using UV-C light, we provide fast, thorough sanitization to keep your patients, clinicians, and staff healthy.

Kills bacteria and COVID-19

UVC has been shown to effectively kill COVID-19,
C. diff, MRSA, and other bacteria.

Proven Technology

UVC sterilization is a proven technology used in hospitals and industry worldwide.

No toxic chemicals

There are no harmful chemical components or compounds needed or produced.

Environmentally Friendly

UVC helps reduce waste from disposable devices and wipes.

Our Product

The StetPulse UV-C Lightbox is optimized for stethoscope use and can sanitize a high-quality personal stethoscope in under one minute - less than the time it takes to don PPE. A wall-mountable design allows for our Lightboxes to be placed outside of patient rooms, making them easily accessible to clinicians.
Image of open UVC lightbox
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Optimized for Stethoscopes

Designed for stethoscopes, allowing clinicians to use their high quality stethoscopes with peace of mind.
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Cost effecient

Without the need to buy and replace ineffective disposable stethoscopes, UV-C lightboxes will save hundreds of thousands in hospital costs per year.

Accessible and fast

Easy, accessible sanitization in under one minute, saving countless hours of clinician time.


Proven to inactivate COVID-19, MRSA, and C. Diff; validated through a pilot trial at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Who we are

Group photo of the StetPulse team (From left to right: Bharath Heggadahalli, Jonathan Wu, Thienviet Ngomai, Selena Shirkin, Saardhak Bhrugubanda, Ryan Chan, Aryaman Shodhan)
Led by Selena Shirkin, we are a team of Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering undergraduates reimagining the future of medical sanitization.